On Your Marks, Fireworks, Set…Glow!

Hi Beauties,

Last weekend I attended my first hot air balloon glow and race.  I have to say, being up close and personal to capture these majestic balloons has been one of the greatest opportunities I’ve had since moving to St. Louis.

The festivities began Friday evening for me when I walked across highway 40 and through Forest Park with several others wanting to see these balloons. Once we finally made it over the hills, we joined the multitude that have been enjoying the gaslight glow show.

When I got there, I wanted to use my tripod so that I could use a slower shutter speed and capture the balloons’ glow when the bell sounded. However, I was encountering a but of a problem at the particular angle I was in: I wasn’t getting the effect that I wanted due to not factoring some additional lighting situation happening at the event for vendors and guests.

So instead, I set my exposure to 1/60 of a second at f1.8 with an ISO of 1000 to capture the glow that night. Turns out it worked for the time being; the only issue with that was I felt like I didn’t get as much light (or the right kind of exposure) that I needed to keep the balloons in sharp focus (trial and error). All in all, I believe I still got some great shots while the glow lasted! 🙂

Afterwards, we all got to see some amazing fireworks as a peaceful nightcap from the fiery glow.  This time I was able to try out the slower shutters speeds.  Originally, I set the exposure to 10 seconds at f14 while using an ISO of 800.  This outcome was great! I got real silky lines and colors from the fireworks that bloomed. Then I switched over to exposing my shots to 4 seconds which were still good, not as picturesque as it was at 10 seconds. Either way I was satisfied with the outcome.

So I hope you beauties enjoy these captures below; please like, share and comment your thoughts. You can also follow my professional facebook page Adrienne Kaylee Photography for updates, events, bookings & more! Thank you all for your support!


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