Festival of Nations – St. Louis

E-n-Le my fellow blog readers!

Or “Hi” in english; Thanks to Mum & 3T I am able to brush up on learning new greetings, and what other language to start with than the language of Yoruba. Its also a great way to turn your attention to the annual Festival of Nations I covered in St. Louis last month.

Every year, the region’s commences the multicultural festival of nations at Tower Grove Park.  This celebration features over 40 unique food booths, dances and music along with a plethora of culturally diverse vendors that display beautiful and amazing gifts from countries all over the world.

Honestly, my first time experience this festival was last summer and have been very intrigued ever since. I personally don’t know too much about my historical cultural ties, however I learn most of my family history from my mother, history books, and being able to experience live performances that brings all of my teachings to life (an then some). But from what I have gathered based on all of this is that I have ties originating in West Africa. Although I do plan on doing an African ancestry to find out more about the culture(s) that are embedded in my DNA, I will continue to find, capture, and learn about different cultures respectfully through my lens.


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