STL Chills Out with Roll Ice Cream!

Hi Adrienne here,

As some of you may know, I’m a photographer based in St. Louis. And if anyone knows about midwest weather, you’d also know that its fickle and brutal at times. For instance, summer in St. Louis has been just a little bit unbearable with record high temperatures this past week alone. The heatwaves I believe are mostly due to the humid aftermath from the heavy rains we get here every so often.

One thing’s for sure, this city has quite a few ways to cool down. Which brings me to the cool and refreshing business called the Snow Factory STL.  One of there locations is in the Delmar Loop. This storefront has the coolest ice cream you can imagine (and I do mean cool, burrr).


Honestly, I was pretty skeptical of consuming roll ice cream, however once i tasted the sweetness of their strawberry cheesecake flavor topped with crispy graham crackers I floated right to heaven.

To top it all off they had a great selection of toppings the whole family can enjoy. From gummy bears to m&m’s you are bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. So if you’re hanging around the loop or close to any of their other locations this weekend make sure you check out this cool spot before heading home.

Until next time…

Adrienne Kaylee


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