First Thing’s First, Allow Me to ReIntroduce Myself: Meet Adrienne Kaylee

Hi there [insert hand wave here],

My name is Adrienne Kaylee. I am a photographer from Chicago now based out in St. Louis and its been quite a journey. I picked up my whole life to hone my skills in this close knit environment from the ground up.

Why St. Louis?

In my college years, a group of friends and myself used to travel a couple ours from SIU to St. Louis on a whimsical weekend to shop, explore, etc. I became infatuated with this unique city; from the french street names to the historical architecture, it was my miniature ‘windy city’.  St. Louis was the city that I found comfortable. But now, I’m looking to expand my horizons. I’m beginning to travel with my photography, make networking connections with others in the same field and more.

The ultimate goal that I have in mind is to become a full time traveling photographer. Whether its for portraiture, events, or nature imagery, and I want to be the best version of myself doing so. So in short, the ‘Lou’ has provided itself to me as my training grounds. For that, thank you.

Why blog?

Well, I can be sort of shy or rather an introvert if you will. I figured that blogging could help me break out that shell & discover that I can make more connections with people by showing them what I really love to do and that I’m not just some drone behind the lens. So within this blog I will talk and record some of my greatest moments out and about, behind the scene action for my on location shoots, and talk ‘photography shop’ with you all. Sounds fun right? Well then I’ll even throw in a couple reviews on products, restaurants and things-to-do just to spice it up a bit!

What’s next…

As much experience this dimension of time has given me, its time for me to make my move; and in the next dimension some things can’t be brought with me. However, what I will bring with me is the lessons, connections, and blessings that have guided me thus far. In the meantime, I will continue to do so passionately and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. So allow me to reintroduce myself…again: I’m Adrienne Kaylee of ‘Adrienne Kaylee Photography’ and I’m just getting started!


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